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Class Descriptions

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GYMFANTS - This is a class for children age 10 months to 2 years old.  The child may or may not be walking.  The parent supervises their child in the use of the gymnastic shapes and equipment.  Walking and bouncing on the trampolines are  also encouraged.

PARENT AND TOT - This is a class for parent and child.  The child's age should be 18 months to 3 years old.  The parent supervises their child in the use of the gymnastics equipment and trampolines.  The class is very loosely structured to allow the children to choose the type and duration of their activities.  Please remember that each child should have an adult companion for this class.

TOTS - This is a class for 3 and 4 year old children who are ready for a more structured class.  The child should be able to participate without their parent.  Not all 3 year olds will be ready for this class.  Sometimes 3 and a half is a better starting age.  The class approaches movement and learning in a fun but structured way.

SUPER TOTS - This is a class for 4 and 5 year olds who have had some previous class experience.  The exercises and skills presented are more challengeing than the TOTS class.

LEVEL 1 GIRLS - This is a basic gymnastics class for girls age 6 and up.  The class covers balance and flexibility, headstands and handstands, and basic tumbling. Students are also introduced to the gymnastics appartatus, the bars, beam, vault, and trampolines.

LEVEL 2 GIRLS - This class is for girls who have graduated from LEVEL 1.  With a focus on proper technique, gymnasts work on strength, gymnastics dance, and more advanced tumbling skills. LEVEL 3 - TEAM is a continuation of the progression. 

LEVEL 1 BOYS (age group 4 - 6) ( age group 7+) separate classes - This class covers basic gymnastics for boys, including rolls, cartwheels, headstands and handstands.  Use of the men's gymnastics equipment is also introduced, with the bars and rings sized down appropriately for smaller boys. Progressive program with more advanced students moving to LEVEL 3 - TEAM

ADULT GYMNASTICS - This class covers gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling for adults.  It can also be considered as OPEN GYM time for experienced athletes who desire cross training.  For those who seek instruction, we focus on flexibility, stregth training, balance, and the safe use of the equipment.

BIG AIR (age group 8-12) (age group 10 - 17) separate classes. Cross training for all athletics with a focus on trampoline use. Balance, flexibility, core strength and coordination are emphasized. Athletes focus on the fundamentals of safe flipping and twisting. Great training for the mountain.